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Arta Honar Shayvord’s challenge Fake it and get rewarded!

Anti-counterfeit printing

Arta Hanar Shayward company has launched a big challenge in the field of forgery of security documents and administrative and corporate documents. A billion challenge! All you have to do is fake it and claim your 1 billion prize from Areta Honer Shayward.

Arta Honar Shayvord’s challenge

We invite everyone to forge the official Shayvord letterhead and send us an indistinguishable copy from the original and claim your 1 billion prize. Of course, if possible 🙂

Arta Hanar Shayward’s contact number and other communication methods are here. we are waiting for you!

Arta Honar Shayvord's challenge
Arta Honar Shayvord’s One billion challenge

About Arta Honar Shayvord’s security papers

Before we get started, we’ll give you a little advice to make the challenge fair.

Tip 1 – Shayward uses original and non-copy security design software that is not available to the public or even many printing companies, and our designers are the best experts in Iran in the field of anti-counterfeiting design.

Tip 2 – The materials used in our security documents are made based on the latest methodology in the world, which makes the final output have multiple layers of security.

Tip 3 – Watermark paper of Shayvord is exclusive in Iran and is not available to any other person or company. From where you want to make a sample is your problem!

Tip 4 – The security components used in Arta Honar Shayvord’s security documents are multiple, combined and formulated. So far no one has been able to distinguish their composition and proportion, forgery has its place.

With these prerequisites, if you can fake our header, you definitely deserve this big prize.

An important point about the forgery challenge

Important note – Arta Honar Shayvord does not accept any responsibility for the time allocated for this challenge and only those who succeed in completing the challenge will be rewarded.

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