Arta Honar Shayvord – It is estimated that governments and large companies, people, exchanges and gold dealers suffer losses of one billion dollars annually due to forgery and copying of their documents! One billion dollars, that is 25,000,000,000,000,000 Tomans! Twenty-five thousand thousand billion, more than 10 times the total annual budget of Iran.

It is a strange figure! The magnitude of this number is only due to the fact that some managers are inattentive or unaware of the damages of copying and counterfeiting of documents and the production of counterfeit coins and do not have a correct vision of its consequences. This problem also exists in Iran and every year thousands of cases are filed in judicial courts to deal with complaints caused by forgery, many of which never reach a conclusion.

Knowledge-based, up-to-date and safe

As a knowledge-based and expert company in the field of security design, anti-counterfeit printing, original coin card, non-copyable gold vacuum, anti-counterfeit seals, personal and credit cards and dozens of other security products and services, Arta Honar Shayvord is a solution to this problem. It provides a definitive solution and provides products that cannot be faked or copied with the latest technology in the world.

Sophisticated security design

With the benefit of unique security design software, our experts present the most complex designs to the customers along with beauty that counterfeiters and fraudsters are not even able to recognize them, if it comes to forgery.

Exclusive watermark paper with no similar samples

Also, Arta’s exclusive watermark paper has set the Arta Honar Shayvord apart from other cases in terms of the quality and level of security and anti-forgery papers and has provided the highest level of document safety in Iran.

Cooperation with dozens of organizations, exchanges and large companies

Arta Honar Shayvord has cooperated with dozens of companies and organizations and public and private organizations and all customers have been with us since the beginning of cooperation until today, which is a proof of the quality and cost-effectiveness of our products.

The inability of counterfeiters to copy Arta Honar Shayvord products

It is worth mentioning that until now no product or document of Arta Honar Shayvord has been forged or copied, while the anti-counterfeiting papers published in high-risk and competitive areas, and certainly many people have tried to forge them, all of them have failed. A fake copy can easily be identified.

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Arta Honar Shayvord