Anti-forgery seal

Design and production of anti-counterfeit seals

Anti-counterfeit seal Arta Honar Shayvord

Security seal or anti-counterfeit seal is one of the types of seals produced in the market, which is distinguished by its protective and safety function with simple, gelatin, and automatic seals.

Anti-counterfeit seal Shayvord

The security seal is one of the practical types of seals that may be known by different names among people and users. But as it is clear from its name, i.e. “anti-forgery seal”, it can be expected that it should face the forgery of documents and documents with difficulty and be used to validate important government and organizational documents.

One of the important and distinctive features of anti-counterfeiting seals, of which the “embossed seal” is an example and is also known by this name, is that you will not find traces of ink, cartridges, or colored materials in them, and its characteristic is that it is colorless. Is.

As expected from its name, the anti-counterfeit seal of the embossed seal remains in the form of depressions and ridges on the surface of the paper, and this embossed state of the seal, in addition to giving a professional and elegant appearance to the document and paper in question, It makes it difficult to forge this seal and adds to the validity of the document.

Due to the security of the work and the confidentiality of some features, additional explanations will be provided in the face-to-face meeting.

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