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The most creative company designing and printing anti-counterfeit security papers and gold coin cards

Arta Honar Shayvord Company is proud to have served dozens of public and private institutions and companies in the field of security design, anti-counterfeit printing of security papers and documents, anti-counterfeit coin pack, production of anti-counterfeit seals, issuance of all types of identification and credit cards. supply of protection products and services and none of them have been counterfeited or copied so far.
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What is security printing and why is it necessary?

A century has passed since the beginning of the production of security papers and anti-forgery documents, and considering the billions of losses caused by forgery and copying, the value of this industry has constantly increased and the demand for the security of documents has grown significantly. Order printing and packing of anti-counterfeiting coins in the world for various uses such as non-copyable identity documents, anti-counterfeiting of securities (banknotes, checks, money checks, etc.), prevention of forgery of government and corporate documents, dealing with distribution Counterfeit gold coins and… have become common and the security printing industry is one of the most important branches of printing in America today.

Procedures for printing anti-forgery documents

  • Watermark paper
  • Security design
  • Anti-counterfeiting compound
  • Anti-counterfeit printing with security components

Each of the security anti-counterfeit printing steps has its own complex technology and components that are used according to the existing needs. Among them, anti-counterfeit watermark paper and security printing components (sticky items) play a more important role in preventing the copying of documents and papers, and counterfeiters have no access to their advanced types. By using the highest water mark paper technology and the most complex security printing components, Arta Honar Shayvord Company has been able to eliminate the possibility of any forgery, copy and abuse and give security to its customers. See more details on the Anti-Forgery Security Documents page.

How the anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum works

Anti-counterfeit coin vacuum (pack) of Arta Honar Shayvord, in addition to the protective components of the security papers that are used exactly in the coin card, has special packaging that is destroyed by trying to manipulate and change its content and prevents the subsequent actions of fraudsters and It becomes fake. In our service section, it is explained in detail how Arta Hanar Shaward’s anti-counterfeit coins work.