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Guaranteed anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum / the cheapest and fastest way to deal with counterfeit coin packs

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What is an anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum? How is it different from a coin bank card? Is it possible to make the coin seal 100% anti-counterfeiting? How do counterfeiters trick people into selling them fake coins? What should exchanges and gold dealers do to prevent counterfeiting of gold coins and bars? Are regular goldsmith vacuums reliable? Why do they press the coin? Should we buy coins without vacuum? Read the answer to all these and more questions about the anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum in this article by Arta Honar Shavord.


The sale of vacuums and packages of fake gold coins with the names of famous people and reputable businesses has become one of the recent challenges of gold sellers and people, and some profiteers use counterfeit and non-original coins instead of Bahar Azadi coins and bank coins. They sell, which brings many consequences. Sometimes they work so professionally that the fake coin pack cannot be distinguished from the original with the naked eye. With this situation, how can we know that the gold coin is not fake and has a valid vacuum, and where can we buy genuine anti-counterfeit coins? What points should we pay attention to when buying coins?


Introducing Shayvord’s anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum

At the request of some reputable gold dealers of the country, Arta Hanar Shayward Company, benefiting from its experience and security facilities in the field of anti-counterfeit printing and gold coin packs, has produced a Freedom Spring coin card with unforgeable security components. Shayvord coin vacuum is 100% anti-counterfeit and is the first and only anti-counterfeit coin pack with domestically produced security paper, which has the highest security factor at a reasonable cost. Of course, samples of PVC and other materials are also available in the market, which are also in our product portfolio, but we do not recommend them due to economic inefficiency or security weaknesses.

Arta Anti-Counterfeit Coin Pack makes it possible for gold dealers to easily identify whether their brand gold coin is genuine or counterfeit and whether people have tried to tamper with it or not. Also, this possibility is available for buyers of gold coins. Because some security components can be easily measured.


Based on this, Arta Honar Shayvord has been able to obtain valid domestic and international certificates in the field of security printing and vacuum coins while attracting the attention of customers.


Security printing certificate and anti-counterfeit coin


Anti-counterfeit gold coin card security components Arta Honar Shayvord

Security components are applied at two levels in Arta Honar Shayvord’s gold coin pack; The first step in paper printing, by using unique security features including exclusive watermark paper, security ink, security design, visible and invisible fluorescents, optical fiber, etc., there is no possibility of forgery. Especially since next to all these components, there is our watermark paper with an exclusive logo and under a valid license, which cannot be accessed by counterfeiters in any way.


In the second level, anti-counterfeiting gold coin packaging is done in such a way that it is not possible to open and close and distort it, and the paper and packaging will be distorted, destroyed and recognizable if tampered with.


Unfortunately, recently, some sites claim to have security capabilities by simulating the vacuum of gold coins, but all of them failed Shayward’s security tests. Some even copy the contents of Arta Honar Shayvord’s site in an unprofessional act and sell them as their own products! Therefore, it is necessary for buyers to be fully alert and refer to reputable units.


Anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum


How to produce Shayvord anti-counterfeiting coin vacuum / security pack

First, after the security design of the coin vacuum and customer approval, anti-counterfeiting coin cards are printed in the specified circulation with the components described. These cards are 100% anti-counterfeiting and it is not possible to copy, duplicate or produce similar samples.

Then we have to make sure that after being vacuumed, the forger cannot open and change the coin and repack it. Unfortunately, the samples available in the market can be easily opened And the forger puts the fake coin and sells it in the market.


Anti-counterfeiting coin pack


Arta Honar Shayvord to solve this problem An innovative and knowledge-based solution It has been achieved that during packaging, the protection on the coin is integrated with its security paper in a sensitive way and at the end The paper and protector form a single piece And it will no longer be possible to separate them.


Anti-counterfeiting coin pack


This manufactured security coin, which has no internal sample, is completely anti-counterfeiting, and there is no way to separate the pack and paper again and insert a counterfeit coin, because the texture of the vacuum parts is intertwined and unified, without damaging the shape. The appearance and other security components of the paper should be entered.


Anti-counterfeit coin card


Advantages of using anti-counterfeiting gold coins

For goldsmiths and gold sellers, using the anti-counterfeit coin pack has several very important advantages; First, counterfeiters and profiteers will not be able to question the exchanges by forging and buying and selling counterfeit coins in their name. A problem that reduces your demand and sales.

Secondly, in the field of branding and advertising, having an anti-counterfeit coin vacuum will make your business famous and very effective in advertising, and naturally, people who spend several million tomans prefer to buy coins from a place that guarantees be original

Finally, the issue of changing the old coin seal and turning it into a new anti-counterfeit pack will be a good source of income for gold dealers and exchanges, and naturally, those who are known by this name sooner will have a larger share of the market, which will The reason for the long-term nature of this income is important.



Dear gold sellers, to order, buy and produce anti-counterfeit gold coin pack with their own brand (unique security design), they can contact Arta Honar Shayvord through the following link:



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