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What is anti-counterfeiting watermark paper?/ Characteristics of the best watermark paper

Shayvord watermark paper

The invention of anti-counterfeit watermark paper goes back centuries, namely in 1282 in Italy, which was a prototype called white printing. To produce watermark paper, the Italians put a metal stamp in the paper pulp so that after the paper is produced, the designed pattern is formed on the paper. The more advanced we are, the more advanced the technology of producing watermark paper in the world is, and of course, at the same time, counterfeiters are also more equipped.

The most important feature of watermark paper

Today, watermark paper is produced with high technology, and its most important component is related to the material and raw materials of paper with invisible fibers and items, and during the past years, our country has also achieved security and anti-counterfeit watermark paper production technology.

Anti-counterfeit printing shayvord

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What is the most important watermark paper?

The most important watermark paper that is currently used is bank notes (check paper and money) and other bank securities that use the highest level of watermark paper technology due to their high value. The fibers used in banknote paper are more than 80% of linen, which is produced from linen fabrics, and in principle, banknote is considered a type of fabric, which is called this type because of its high similarity to paper.

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Watermark paper design

The production process of banknote watermark paper

Money watermark paper is produced in Cylinder Mold process. The complexities of this process make it possible to include all kinds of security components in paper money in the process of paper production and security printing, and finally, very special and complex watermarks are created. Because in this process it is possible to add all kinds of metal textures, optical fiber graphics, etc.

Due to the complexity of the watermark paper production process, its technology is available to very limited collections, and the production of paper money is very expensive and requires a huge investment. Therefore, the papers produced with these papers (such as the papers of Arta Hanar Shayward company) are very safe, unique and uncopyable.

Watermark paper

Administrative document with watermark paper

Commercial methods of producing security papers and documents

The Fourdrinier method for producing watermark paper is more available than the Cylinder Mold method due to its economic efficiency, during which paper pulp is placed between two engraving rollers and designs are created on it. This method is much cheaper and of course can be easily forged and copied now most of the companies that claim security printing use this method .

Some components of anti-counterfeit watermark paper

The use of textures visible in the light

Ultraviolet invisible fibers: The length of these fibers is usually between 3 and 10 mm, and sometimes they are used in the structure of paper along with colored threads and visible in the light.

Metal plates (very small circular discs): By engraving very small images on metal plates, the security and hidden features of papers can be improved.

Chemical substances revealing actions taken in the direction of falsification and manipulation of documents:These materials are used in the structure of paper and are sensitive to solvents, acidic and alkaline materials and react with them. For many years, these materials have been used in the composition of bank check paper and have a special place in ensuring the security of documents.

Shayvord watermark paper

Banknote watermark paper

Compositions of security paper

Most security papers remain opaque when exposed to UV light and will not have any sheen, unlike regular and standard papers. Chemical lightening agents (abbreviated as OBA) are not used in the composition of anti-counterfeit watermark paper, such substances cause the paper to turn white. This is why the color of most watermarked papers is dull and not white, the presence of such materials is required to reveal the invisible UV fibers.

The important feature of watermark paper; What are counterfeiters looking to change?

In addition to blocking the way for document forgery and fraud, security papers are able to specify the important point that the person intended to change which part of the document information; Bank check amount, grades or name of certificate recipient or similar. Having such a capability can be very important in the field of recognizing the authenticity and authenticity of documents, because counterfeiters may target and manipulate different parts.

Today, a large number of companies and organizations use desktop printers for internal printing, which in turn facilitates the task of erasing information printed with a laser printer and is considered a serious threat to important and security documents. come

High adhesion of security document paper and ink

One of the prominent features of security papers is their very high adhesion with laser and special inks, which greatly reduces the possibility of erasing the ink.

There are certain chemical substances that have a completely exclusive DNA, and to identify them, a completely specialized tool is needed, and such substances can be used as a unique reagent and identifier. The identification of these materials is done electronically and in a fraction of a second, and they are mainly used in the packaging and mass transfer industries.

With the arrival of digital printers, the use of security products such as watermarked papers has become very important, because only through this can the validity and authenticity of valuable and important documents be guaranteed.

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