Anti-forgery seal

Arta Honar Shayvord’s security seal features

Anti-forgery security seal

The security seal is a solution to prevent misuse of administrative and corporate documents, which has become common over the past years with the rapid increase in the counterfeiting of gelatin and embossed seals. Classic gelatin and embossed seals can easily be reproduced and forged within a few minutes using normal design software, and in many cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to prove the forgery of these seals in court.

This is why anti-forgery seals are one of the basic needs of collections and individuals who have important and security papers and documents.

The anti-counterfeiting seal designed by security design software that is not available to the public practically makes the possibility of re-designing and forgery impossible. Also, with the unique ink and material, the special method of making seals and inks, any fake can be identified and proven.

Anti-counterfeit seal Shayvord
Security seal

In the following, we will briefly explain some features of Shayvord’s anti-counterfeit seal.

The impossibility of reproducing the anti-forgery seal file

Reproduction of the anti-counterfeit seal design, which is designed with special software, is not possible with common graphic software, and this software is only available to special centers. Therefore, counterfeiters, who naturally do not have these security design software at their disposal, cannot forge the original sample.

Anti-counterfeit seal Shayvord
Anti-counterfeit seal Shayvord

The presence of security components in the seal

Due to the presence of security components, the Shayvord art can be easily distinguished from fake seals. These security components refer to the design and type of ink and material, which is undetectable and uncopyable by others.

Inability to produce with existing hardware

Arta Honar Shayvord’s security seal is produced by special machines, and unlike normal seals that can be reproduced within a quarter of an hour, these seals cannot be made with common office and corporate seal making machines.

Having said that, making an anti-counterfeit seal is actually an investment for the future of your business and administration and collection, not an expense. With this valuable investment, you will protect your security and important documents and get rid of the trouble of the court and lawsuit.

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