identification card

Anti-counterfeit identification and credit cards

Arta Honar Shayvord's ID card

1. (Contact Card)

Cards that are activated by being in a specific location (interface terminal). Usually, these cards are used in cases where the security of the card and its internal information is of particular importance.

These cards are able to contain various information through chip, integrated circuit (IC) equipped with central processing unit (CPU), memory and magnetic tape.

Anti-counterfeiting card

2. (Contact less Card)

Multi-layered cards, in the middle of which, an antenna is placed, so that the information contained on them can be exchanged without contact, the interface terminal, through the generation of electric power resulting from the induction of magnetic waves and transfer to the embedded chips. . These cards are used in cases where the verification of the card holder’s information is not very important and the information is only changed inside the card.

In transportation systems and traffic detection control – the speed of the controller’s action is important. This CPU-less card is activated by exposure to radio frequency waves. The information of these types of cards, according to the user, includes personal information, identification code, balance amount, etc.

3. (Hybrid Card)

In hybrid (dual-purpose) cards, due to the use of antenna equipment and integrated circuit, it can be used in a contact or non-contact manner. Although there are two integrated circuit chips and antenna simultaneously in this card, the memory of each of them works independently.

Arta Honar Shayvord is ready to provide all your needs for an administrative and corporate identity card for the embassy with special conditions.

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