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Introducing the security printing book, document security strategies and brand protection

Security printing book

Security printing has been one of the important topics of the printing industry for years, and with the growth of new technology and technologies, as well as counterfeiters becoming more equipped, security printing technologies have also become more complex. This is especially important for governments and brand owners and security bond issuers. Especially since a short stop in this field puts the hands of counterfeiters and violators higher, which is equivalent to billions of dollars in damage and disrupting the credibility of institutions and organizations. Compilation of sources and security printing books was therefore considered an important need.

Security printing book
Security printing book

What is the security printing book about?

The topic of the security printing book is to explain the importance and place of anti-counterfeiting printing in today’s economic and social issues and shows how modern technologies have helped the safety and security of classified and classified documents and securities and what are the ways to maximize the security of documents and There is protection for them. It also deals with the role of packaging and product tracking in increasing their security.

Among other topics covered in the mentioned book of Majid Khosravi, it is possible to explain the principles of security printing project management, introduction of security design software, features of various types of watermark paper and security inks, types of security printing methods, types of anti-counterfeit holograms, labels and Smart cards and all kinds of anti-counterfeit packaging mentioned.

Majid Khosravi’s anti-counterfeiting book

The purpose of Majid Khosravi’s security printing book

Majid Khosravi’s book is the first Persian language book in the field of anti-counterfeit printing and printing and packaging methods for brand protection, and its general approach is to deal technically and professionally with the prevention of forgery and misuse of documents and papers.

For whom is the anti-counterfeiting book useful?

The anti-counterfeit printing book has been published in 240 pages by Majid Khosravi and he spent 4 years researching the security printing industry to write it, which is currently a valuable resource for students, researchers and activists in the field of security printing and anti-counterfeiting packaging. , graphic designers, printing house managers, securities production experts, government managers related to the issue of improving document security and brand owners.

Of course, there are extensive sources in English about the printing of unforgeable documents, including the book Introduction to Security Printing, which is among the bestsellers.

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